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DánskoAge: 18 -29
Duration of stay: 12 – 24 months
Pocket money: 4000 DKK
Working time: 18 – 30 hrs
Holiday: 2 weeks each six months
Insurance: paid by family
Language course: paid by family

 What families can become a host family?

The following conditions must be fulfilled:

  • At least one of parents of the host family must be a Danish citizen.
  • The family must have at least one minor.
  • The family must not be financially dependant on the state. It must present a statement that it gets no financial support from the state in accordance with the Danish law concerning the active social policy. Such statement is included in the Aplication for the residence permit.
  • The host family cannot simultaneously employ more than one au pair.

Who can become an au pair in Denmark?

In order to become an au pair in Denmark the following conditions must be fulfilled:

  • A single person only.
  • No own children of a minor age being taken care of.
  • No accompaniment by the own family.

Travel costs: The au pair´s arrival and departure costs are taken over by the host family.

Language course: An au pair has to have time enough to be able to take part in a language course.

Board and lodging: The au pair gets a free board and lodging. The au pair gets the meals from the host family and an adequate own room in the family´s house.

Free time: The au pair has one and half day off in a week. Besides the au pair has the right to take the official Danish holidays off. In addition she/he must have a chance to exercise her/his religion and to take part in church services.

Holiday: The host family and the au pair decide together whether the au pair will be employed under the holiday law “Holiday Act” or under the law for special employment relationships “Act on Certain Relationships in Agriculture”.

Contract: The au pair and the host family must mutually conclude a contract. Such an Au Pair Contract is in Denmark included in the application for the residence permit, already. The contract can be concluded for maximum 12 months. The Au Pairs Contract will be required for the application for the residence permit.

Residence permit:

  • In order to get a residence permit an au pair has to have knowledge of the Danish language and culture or to be able to speak Swedish, Norwegian, English or German.
  • A residence permit can be only then issued if the au pair has not got another one before.
  • A residence permit is mostly given to the au pairs coming from European countries or from the countries having similar standards and similar style of living as of that in Denmark.
  • If the au pair has lived legally for the last 3 months or longer in another country she/he can apply for the residence permit at the Danish Embassy or at the Danish Consulate in the country in which she/he has lived in the last 3 months.
  • The Au Pair Contract to be signed by the host family and the au pair is included in the application for the residence permit, already.
  • The residence permit will be issued for one year and can be prolonged for another 6 months. The maximum duration of the residence permit comes to 18 months.

Citizens of the Nordic States (Finland, Island, Norway and Sweden) as well as of EU/EEA need neither a working permit nor a residence permit. They may travel to Denmark and work there.

Au pairs can present their application for the residence permit at the Danish representation (Embassy or Consulate) in their homeland before they go to Denmark. The Embassy will forward the application to the Danish Immigration Service where it will be dealt with.

The following documents are necessary for the residence permit application:

  • 2 filled in application forms (which already include the Au Pair Contract)
  • A valid identification card
  • 2 newest colour photos 3,5 x 4,5 cm, no dark background, the face must take 70–80 % of the photo
  • A written consent declaration of the au pair´s parents (when the au pair is a minor)
  • A birth certificate
  • Certificate of the language knowledge and the au pair´s education as well as the possible relationship with the host family

Prolongation of the residence permit:

The au pair may exercise her/his activites during the time the application is being checked by the Immigration Office. The au pair must work further for the host family under the same conditions like agreed upon in the original contract. The contract cannot be changed. The original Au Pair Contract concluded between the au pair family and the au pair must be also prolonged and enclosed to the residence permit application form. An au pair may not take up any work in a new family without a permission of the Danish Immigration Office.

Attention: Au pairs working illegally may be punished by imprisonment or they can be expelled from the country. Also the host families employing illegally an au pair can face the same sentence.

Not later than 5 days after the au pair´s arrival she/he must herself/himself register at the Central Office Registration (CPR).

Working permit/Taxes: The au pair´s duties are not considered as a work. Therefore, au pairs need no working permit. Attention: Nevertheless, au pairs may not take up any additional work – paid or not paid. The relationship between the au pair and the host family will be regarded as the relationship between an employee and an employer. That is why au pairs are subject to the Danish tax and holiday law. Please contat the Danish Tax Office SKAT in order to get more information.

Health insurance: When the au pair is ill the host family must further pay costs for the food and lodging and take care of the au pair until all the necessary measures are met. The host family is obliged to conclude the health insurance for the au pair.




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