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IrskoAge: 18-30
Duration of stay: no limitations
Pocket money: 300-400 EUR
Working time: 25-35 hrs
Holiday: 1 week in 6 months
Insurance: paid by family
Language course: paid by au pair

 What families can become a host family?

  • Is there at least one child under 18 living in your household?
  • Can you give the au pair an own room at her/his disposal?
  • Should your au pair take care of your children and take over a simple house work in your household?
  • Do you speak English in your daily life?
  • Are you ready to enable your au pair to attend a language course so that she/he can get better acquainted with the Irish culture?
Contents of the work
Your au pair´s duties include the childcare as well as a simple house work.
Discuss with your au pair in advance what tasks she/he will have.
Board and lodging An au pair gets a free board and lodging. That is valid also in the case of her/his illness or when your au pair takes a holiday.
Pocket money
An au pair gets 75 to 100 EUR a week in accordance with her/his working time.
Working time
In Ireland, au pairs work for 25 to 35 hours in a week. The number of hours includes 3 evening babysittings in a week.
Holiday/Free time
Your au pair has the right for two days in a week off and for one paid week of holiday in six months.
Language course
Your au pair should have the possibility to attend a language course.




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