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LucemburskoAge: 18-30
Duration of stay: 1-12 months
Pocket money: 480 EUR
Working timet: 30 hrs
Holiday: 2 weeks in 6 months
Insurance: paid by family
Language course: paid by family

What families can be a host family?

  • Does your family have at least one child under 13?
  • Do you have a possibility to offer an own room to your au pair?
  • Does your au pair take care of your children and help you with daily duties in your household?
  • Are you ready to give your au pair enough time to attend a language course or a culture and civilization course and bear their costs?
Duration of stay
The one year duration of the stay in Luxembourg may not be exceeded.
Pocket money
Monthly 480,74 €. The amount of your pocket money will be fixed in an au pair contract.
The host family will transfer it directly to your bank account.
Food and accommodation
In exchange for your help with the childcare and in the household you, as a member of the family, will get a free board and lodging and an own room.
Working time
5 hours a day and not more than 30 hours a week. The working time should enable to take part in a language (in one of the official languages spoken in Luxembourg) or in a culture and civilization courses.
Free time
The right for at least three free evenings as well as for one whole day off in a week.
An au pair is entitled to two holiday days in a month.
Language course
Au pairs working in Luxembourg must take part in a language course for foreign fellow citizens or in that of the culture and civilization. The host family takes over the costs of the course. Language courses are offered by universities, adult education centres, evening schools and other various organizations.


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