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NěmeckoAge: 18 – 29
Duration of the stay: 1 – 12 months
Pocket money: 260 EUR
Working time: 30 hours
Holiday: 4 weeks/12 months
Insurance: paid by the family
Language course: paid by family, 50 EUR/month

 Do you comply with the following conditions?

  • Does in your household live at least one child under 18 years?
  • Does at least one of the parents own the German or the EU citizenship?
  • Should your au pair take care of your children and take over some simple housework in your household?
  • Do you speak German in your daily life?
  • Do you have another nationality than the au pair?
Board and lodging
The au pair is to receive a free board and lodging for the total period of her/his stay with you. That is valid also in case of illness and during the holiday time of the au pair. As an important standard for the accommodation stands: provision of an own room with a window. It should be closeable, heated and at least 8 qm large.
Pocket money
The au pair gets monthly 260 EUR as pocket money – after all also during holiday and in the case of illness.
Travel costs
The arrival and departure costs are usually borne by the au pair.
Language course
Your au pair should attend a German language course in order to learn the language of the host country.
Au pairs receive additionally 50 EUR to their monthly pocket money for their language course.
Hint 1: The costs of the au pair can be deducted from taxes.
The costs for the au pair can be deducted from taxes. Attention, please: In order to have the paid pocket money recognized the money must be transferred to the au pair´s account. Our advice: The account can be opened in Germany in a German bank or in the Sparkasse. The best thing to do is to ask your bank if they can offer favourable giro accounts to young people or students.
Hint 2: Application for extra money for taking care of children between one and three years
On 1st August 2013 a legal right has come in force for a childcare place in kindergartens financed by the state. When you do not use such a childcare place for your child of the age of one to three years and instead of that you take care of it at home with the assistance of an au pair, since 1st August 2013 you can apply for the so called childcare money (Betreuungsgeld) in the amount of 100 EUR. Since August 2014 the sum is to be increased up to 150 EUR per month. The money will be, however, provided for those parents only whose child was born after 1st August 2012.
The German federal states acting on behalf of the federal government put in action the legal rules regarding the childcare money. The Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth, as the contact body, has published the List of the relevant offices for the childcare money (Liste der zuständigen Betreuungsgeldstellen).
Working time
Time for housework is scheduled in accordance with habits and needs of the host family. The au pair should not work more than 6 hours daily and 30 hours a week including the babysitting.
Free time
Your au pair has the right for one day in a week off as a minimum. Once in a month it should be the Sunday. You as the host parents should take care of that that the au pair has at least 4 free evenings in a week.
When you hire an au pair for one year she/he has the right for the paid 4-weeks holiday for recreation. If you go on holiday and your au pair continues to exercise the duties such as the childcare, it is for her/him a normal working time. A holiday with the host family stands for the au pair as an own holiday only then when she/he must take over some smaller duties, only and there is no need for presence in person.
Special regulation for families with four children and more
Families with four children and more may have two au pairs at the same time.
For your au pair the regulations of the host country are to be always observed. According to the Federal Agency for Labour you as the host family must take care that your au pair has a health, pregnancy, birth and accident insurance policy covering all the time of her/his stay. Their costs are to be borne by you, too.
Do you have any questions to this subject? Further information to the Au Pair Insurance you can receive from our insurance partners Dr. Walter, Care Concept und Klemmer International.
Further leading information
Broschüre der Bundesagentur für Arbeit (PDF)





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