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Age: 18-27
Duration of the stay: no limitation
Pocket money: 405,98 EUR
Working time: 19 hours
Holiday::30 days a year
Versicherung: bezahlt Familie
Language course: Half of the language course costs paid by the host family

Do you comply with the following conditions?

  • Does in your household live at least one child under 18 years old?
  • Can you provide the au pair with an own room?
  • Are you looking for an older son or an older daughter who will you temporarily help with the care of your children and take over some simple housework in your household?
  • Do you speak German in your daily life?
  • Will you make possible for the au pair to attend a language course?
Au pairs who stay all the year in your family have the right for 15 months of pocket money (two months pocket money during the vacations and one month pocket money during the Christmas time.).
In the first place the au pair should take care of your children. Beside that it is expected that she/he takes over some simple housework.
Speak already in advance with your au pair where and how her/his exact duties are to be fulfilled.
Hiring an au pair means automatically higher living costs. An au pair represents another adult person living in your household.
Board and lodging
An au pair is entitled to get a free board and lodging for the whole stay in your household.
The au pair is to be treated as another family member in your household. Therefore, you should count with additional costs for your expenses. This rule stands even in the case of illness or during the au pair´s holiday.
Pocket money
The au pair´s pocket money is in Austria considered officially as a salary. Therefore, the au pair receives it at the end of every month as a loan for 19 hours work a week. The au pair´s salary in Austria amounts to 405,98 EUR gross.
Please be aware of the fact that at the same time it is actually the highest amount in Austria. Should this amount be rounded it would mean that the limit for the guaranteed basic income (Geringfügigkeitsgrenze) would be exceeded. In such a case no announcement will be issued by the Austrian AMS (Arbeitsmarktservice). According to the ASVG (Allgemeines Sozialversicherungsgesetz) such contributions should be deducted from this amount for the Austrian social insurance.
The au pair has the right for the paid holiday and for the salary reimbursement in case of illness.
Au pairs staying all the year with their host family are entitled to 15-month pocket money (two-month pocket money during vacations and one-month pocket money during the Christmas time).
Working time
An au pair usually works 19 hours a week
Free time
An au pair has the right for at least one day in a week off. In this connection both your every day life and your au pair´s duties and needs should be taken into consideration.
Your au pair has the right for 30 holiday days a year. That represents 5 weeks. The reimbursement payment for the unconsumed holiday days is stipulated in the respective Holiday Law (Urlaubsgesetz).
Language course
An au pair in Austria should be given a chance to take part in a language course. A half of the costs of the language course are to be paid by you as the host family.
Au pair´s insurance

Registration at the legal social insurance in Austria
When you want to have an au pair with you, you must register her/him in accordance with the General Social Security Law (ASVG) at the legal Austrian social insurance. Above that you must pay contributions to the local territorial health insurance scheme for the accident insurance.
Free board and lodging as well as the sum which the host family must pay for the au pair´s private insurance and the attendance of the language course together with the cultural events are not included in the au pair´s pocket money and therefore they are not subject to contribution.
When the au pair will be employed under the minimum sum (the limit in 2014 lays at 395,31 EUR), the registration at the legal accident insurance body is enough. Your au pair should have a health insurance.
Health insurace:
Your au pair can conclude health insurance with a private insurance body. It should be checked in advance whether the health insurance from her/his homeland is valid also in Austria. A foreign health insurance is sufficient only then, when the performances can be applied in Austria too.




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