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ŠpanělskoAge: 18-28
Duration of stay: no limitations
Pocket money: 320 EUR
Working time: 30-35 hrs
Holiday:1 week in 6 months
Insurance: paid by family

What families can become a host family?

  • Is there at least one child under 18 living in your household?
  • Can you give the au pair an own room at her/his disposal?
  • Do you speak Spanish in your daily life?
  • Your au pair is not a Spanish citizen / Do you have not the same nationality as your au pair?
Contens of the work
The main reason why an au pair comes to you is taking care of your children. Above that she/he takes however also simple tasks in your household.
Hiring an au pair means that your living costs become higher because during the au pair´s stay there lives another adult person in your household.
Board and lodging
The au pair gets for the total period of her/his stay with you a free board and lodging. That is valid also in the case of illness and during the holiday of the au pair. Next to that the au pair weekly receives a pocket money from you.
Pocket money
Au pairs in Spain earn 80 EUR a week.
Working time
Au pairs in Spain get in a week one day off. Once in a month this day must be the Sunday.
The au pairs´holiday is not uniformly regulated in Spain. The best is therefore to make an agreement with your au pair in advance on the number of the holiday days. We recommend: When the au pair stays with you for 12 months she/he should get a four-week holiday. You can take this value into account in case of a longer or a shorter stay.
Language course
Your au pair should attend a Spanish course in order to learn the language as good as possible. Normally the costs of the course are covered by her/him. You as the host family can assist her/him to find something suitable in your neighbourhood. Au pairs staying in Spain on the basis of a student visa must attend a language school recognized by Instituto Cervantes.


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