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ŠvédskoAge: 18-30
Duration of stay: 1-12 months
Pocket money: 3500 SEK
Working time: 35-40 hrs
Holiday: 2 week in 6 months
Insurance: paid by family
Language course: paid by au pair

Do you comply with the following conditions?

  • Is there at least one child under 18 years living in your household?
  • Should your au pair take care of your children and will she/he be during her/his stay (maximum duration: one year) treated as a full family member?
  • Does your au pair to be get an own room at your home?
  • Will you assist your au pair to find a language course compatible with her/his working time?
  • Do you speak Swedish in your daily life?
  • Are you in no family relationship with the au pair and do you have another nationality than the au pair?
Duration of stay
In Sweden the stay of an au pair can last not more than 12 months.
Contents of the work and the working time
Your au pair takes care of your children and helps with simple activities in the household. The weekly time spent by the au pair with the housework and in the language course should not exceed 40 hours. At the same time the working time for a simple housework is 25 hours a week as a maximum. The best way is to speak with your au pair to be about how a typical day in your family looks like and what will be her/his tasks.
It is important that the daily working time does not exceed 5 hours and is so organized that the au pair has time enough to attend a language course.
With hiring an au pair your living costs become higher because there lives another adult person during the au pair´s stay in your household.
Board and lodging
The au pair gets an own room for the total stay with you and will be given food from you. The au pair is entitled for the free food and accommodation also during the holiday or in the case of illness.
Pocket money
In Sweden au pairs receive a pocket money amounting to at least 3.500 SEK gross. Au pairs in Sweden must pay taxes for their pocket money as well as for the accommodation and food.
Free time & and Holiday
There are no official regulations in Sweden as far as the au pair´s holiday and free time concerned. Therefore you should agree with your au pair on the number of the holiday days. Our recommendation: An au pair should have one day free in a week. Once in a month this day should fall on Sunday. Should the au pair stay in Sweden for 12 months thus she/he has the right for a 4-week holiday. In case of a shorter stay the number of the holiday days should be reduced accordingly.
Language course
Au pairs must take part in a Swedish course. Number of hours of the course should be so calculated so that the au pair comes with the working and the lesson time to the limit of about 40 hours a week. SFI courses – “Swedish for Immigrants” - will be offered by the local authorities and the Swedish adult education centers in the frame of “Further education programmes for adults” (kommunal vuxenutbildning or komvux).
Costs of the language course are normally covered by the state, i.e. the au pair bears only the costs of teaching aids. As an option you as the host family can of course participate in covering such costs and take over the registration for the language course. The au pair needs the language course registration certificate for her/his working permit.


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